Regenauer of UTC to Miller of Michels Corporation

I am writing this letter to recommend Mr. Greg Parks of BioSeal Corporation for your program and as a statement of support.

As a senior vice president of Urethane Technology Company, Inc. I have had the privilege of knowing Greg as a personal friend and customer for 10 years. Established in 1987, UTC is a manufacturer of polyurethane resin systems and is currently supplying products to the automotive, medical, transportation, construction, aerospace, military and marine industries…

In my dealings with Greg, I have found him to be a competent business owner and applicator of polyurethane foam. Greg’s ability to identify opportunities and inquisitive nature has allowed him to change and grow his construction company through the 2008 crash in the housing market and the continued slow economy. I am wholly confident that he will bring the same enthusiasm an skill set to any venture that you may be jointly considering.

I also have Greg to thank for identifying a need and providing the information required for the development of two of our newest, and patent pending products. (2014 letter from Regenauer of Urethane Technology Company, Inc. to Miller of Michels Corporation)