Regenauer of UTC to Harlan of TransCanada

As you are aware the lead individual and company in our meeting is Mr. Greg Parks of BioSeal Corp. Mr. Parks has been a customer of UTC’s for almost a decade, and we have found him to be a c competent applicator of our polyurethane products and an ambitious promoter of all things urethane. Due to Greg’s inquisitive nature, he has been able to identify new business opportunities and products which has lead to UTC’s development of new and novel patent pending products I am confident that TransCanada will enjoy the same benefits from their relationship with Bio-Seal and that his proficiency with polyurethane will provide an expert source of polyurethane application services that are currently being contracted by your company. (2014 letter excerpt from Regenauer of Urethane Technology Company, Inc. to Harlan of TransCanada)