Pipeline Support Systems

A breaker supports a pipeline by restricting the movement of water or aggregate on a sloped surface. Significant changes to the construction of pipelines has occurred over the past 30 years with the introduction and manipulation of polyurethane foam replacing conventional sandbag support. Foam pillows are easier, safer, quicker and less labor intense than sandbags. Pillows also support and protect the pipe from contact with sharp rock and other rough or potentially damaging surfaces. If a particular area within a pipeline installation needs extra protection from rocky or rough backfill material, the pipe can be completely encased in foam for extra protection.Pillows can either be sprayed in place or pre-cast and delivered to the job site. Spraying foam in place is much safer than using sandbags. Virtually all of the foam installers work can be done from outside the trench. This means fewer accidents, less downtime, cost savings and increased company morale.Pre-cast pillows have the same safety features and sprayed in place with some advantages going to pre-cast pillows. For instance, when weather or logistics cause the job to shut down or slow down, pre-cast pillows can still be made in close proximity to any job site. This ensures an efficient and cost effective project.