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Building insulation materials have evolved dramatically over the last six decades with the introduction and development of spray-on polyurethane foams. It is estimated by the U.S. Department of Energy that 40% of a building’s energy is lost as a result of air infiltration and that spray-on polyurethane foam insulates 50% better than traditional insulation materials. Adding to polyurethane foam’s popularity are its sealant properties, acting as a moisture, mold and noise barrier, as well as its efficiency in application. To building owners and insulating contractors alike, it is this application efficiency that is appealing.As a construction company, BioSeal initially focused its expertise on Residential insulation contracting using spray-on polyurethane foam developed and produced by the Urethane Technology Company, Inc. Founder Parks quickly recognized the potential of and opportunity to expand into insulating commercial buildings. Experience with commercial construction insulating then provided the stepping stone for expanding into larger scale, multi-million dollar government and commercial projects.At BioSeal the combination of implementing Best Practices of working with spray polyurethane foam insulation and extensive training to do so has proven a successful approach. By strictly following the Best Practices instituted by the Spray Foam Coalition of the American Chemical Council for the Polyurethanes Industry, and developing its own stringent protocols, BioSeal has established itself as a reputable, professional insulating contractor in the construction industry.

Here at BioSeal we apply the same strict standards to insulating a residential home as we do to million dollar commercial buildings and government projects. By keeping abreast of training our personnel and staying on top of ever-changing best practices in the construction industry, we at BioSeal competitively aim to please our customers and guarantee your satisfaction.